Asia Duo Dance Company
Independent Contemporary Dance Company 

" Dance before the music is over, 
Live before the life is over"

Who We are

ADDC is a professional contemporary dance company that produces works choreographically grounded in Chinese, Indian, and Malay traditional dance techniques as well as contemporary form. As a multi-cultural company, AADC aims to unify artists from differing cultural backgrounds in order to create truly ‘inter’-national works; each of which exposes particular cultural aesthetics while eliminating preconceived cultural boundaries.

What We Do

Asia Duo Dance Company focuses on collaboration amongst several countries in building arts bridges at an elevated level. In striving to produce contemporary pieces that are fresh, unorthodox and consonant with the evolution of time, we collaborate as well with artists from various countries. We also assemble productions every 2 years, and participate in numerous festivals in Asia, Europe and America.




Catch us 

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