Asia Duo Dance Company
Independent Contemporary Dance Company 


Asia Duo Dance Company is a project base dance company based in New York City. We commission and produce work by world-class choreographers for our core company of 3 main choreographers from 3 different countries, which we tour nationally and across the globe. We deliver an extensive learning programme and excellent choreography skills to provide access to the highest quality of dance, either as part of a developing career, artistic value or for pure enjoyment. In addition to an ambitious national and international collaboration, the Company is focused on developing new audiences for contemporary dance by doing a program that includes workshops and teaching in various comunity all over the world for aspiring dance professionals. Asia Duo Dance Company is also renowned for being a strong training ground for dance and multi-racial dance company. Our aims to create exceptional contemporary dance of the highest standard that inspires a variety of audiences to watch, enjoy, engage with and participate in this diverse and exciting art form.

Asia Duo Dance Company is a project base company founded in 2014 by two award winning Choreographer/Dancers Fairul Zahid (Malaysia) and Yachao Zhu (China). ADDC is an offshoot of ASWARA Dance Company Which was founded in 1994 as a collective of lecturers and students in Kuala Lumpur's premier arts university to champion varios dance form including traditional and contemporary. In 2014, Fairul zahid ADC Principal Dancer/Choreographer participated in NYU's Tisch School of the Arts supported  by Sime Darby Foundation Star Scholarship and has formed Asia Duo Dance Company together with his fellow classmate Yachao Zhu. This Company has been mentored by Pamela Pietro (new York) and Dr. Joseph Gozales (Malaysia). They are the back bone for us to form this company since 2014 until present.