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Review From Past Performances 
" Draw-err" is an example of fantastically beautiful and serene work by Fairul Zahid and Yachao Zhu" 
Jonathan Hollander- Festival Director of Battery Dance Company (New York)
"Fairul Zahid (Malaysia) showed the award winning choreography TWO in an exploration of relationships. Dancers Raziman Sarbini and Azizi Mansor were sensual and visceral as they intertwined. The choreography resonates with the building of trust whereby individual freedoms embrace a sense of belonging and stability.The showcase ended with a quirky, yet telling work about the ‘other’- an idiosyncratic character, a group, race or marginalised individual who always seems to be on the perimeter. His environment, group, family or society." 
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"Asia Duo’s piece “Draw-err”, the joint effort of Fairul Zahid (from Malaysia) and Yachao Zhu (from Beijing), provided more than just moments of exquisite dancing; they exemplified the international collaborations that are becoming increasingly possible and popular as the global dance community becomes more integrated in the digital age".
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